How does a professional Carpet Repair person repair carpet?

With CARPET! Bingo…

If you don’t have extra carpet-sorry- I can’t help you…BUT! If you do, I can.

There are really only 2 possible situations you fall into. Actually, there’s  3 but I’ll explain that one later. You’ll either fall into these two categories:

  1. You have extra carpet
  2. You don’t have extra carpet but have a closet to take from

If you are the person that fit in category 1 then you will want to click here.

BUT if you are number 2 and need to take from a closet, then this information will help you.

No Match is 100%

It’s up to the homeowner or renter to track down their donor carpet. You will need extra carpet to re-patch the piece we take from the closet or elsewhere.

Note: Carpet is dyed in batches, those batches are called lots. Even if we knew the exact name and type of carpet, the color would be off. They call this “color shading”. Color shading is the disparity between two of the same carpets the only difference being that they were dyed in different dye batches.

Most of the time it’s impossible to find your carpet let alone find something that matches it closely.

Difference in Carpet Colors

Same Carpet, Different Dye Lot

You’ll most likely find something that’s a different color, a different texture, and height. It is still better than a hole, even if its in the closet.

I recommend going to Lowes or Home Depot or even a retail type carpet supplier. They usually have carpet tiles. It’s worth a shot.

The matching of carpet is nearly impossible, but we can come close.

We also carry a stock of standard carpet samples to help if you can’t find any.

We are here to help in any way we can.


Brandon Moser

P.s. There is another way to get around needing extra carpet and that has to do with bad stains that are permanent. We can bleach those fugitive colors out and redye the spot(s). There’s always a solution!

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